SEEBURGER Blog articles as post in our community - convenient for you or annoying?

We started publishing our blog articles from in this “News & Event” section as rss feed with link to both available languages (English and German) in one post so you could start discussing the respective topic right away. We further had the idea of putting the link to the community post right below each blog.

Since blogs are published often more than twice a week, there was a lot of info mails sent to those who watched the category. There is the option to mute the tags blog or rss, so the notification would stop. But in general, what do you like?

Please help us improve by giving us your vote or even better, use the reply function and write us how you think about it.

Looking forward to your feedback!

  • no blog articles as post here in the “News & Events” category, I already check the SEEBURGER Blog
  • yes, but make them a seperate category
  • yes, keep the RSS feed going
  • I left a comment below
  • I don’t care
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Hi Chris.

Have it in available in the Community Portal (potentially in a separate sub category) helps, to point attention to it on a more frequently base.

Have too many completely separate entry points not budled in addition is “annoying”. So I see the Customer Portal as well as the Community Portal developing in the direction of central entry points.

Thank you for that!

With best regards,
Oliver Rupprecht

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We have moved them not to the Blog sub-category.

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