LinkedIn Live Expert Talk: ISO 20022: Don’t Get Left Behind ⏺

Watch our SEEBURGER Expert Talk Series, where we will discuss global ISO 20022 readiness and the opportunities and benefits promised by the initiative.

ISO 20022 is set to drive faster, more efficient and automated payments, reduce errors, and combat fraud. Discover how this impacts your business.

Learn how banks and corporates are making the necessary system updates, understand the challenges they face, and explore the solutions they’re implementing.

Hear firsthand from experts who have been at the forefront of this transition, gaining practical tips and strategies for a smooth ISO 20022 adoption.

Get answers to your burning questions about ISO 20022 and its impact on your industry. The industry is investing billions to make this transition, and to harness the business value, you need to get on board now.

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Expert Talk | Ep 2: A Smooth Transition:

Practical Tips and Strategies for Banks

Expert Talk | Ep 3: Prepare Your Business for ISO 20022: Practical Tips and Strategies