Compliant AS4 Communication For Utilities Successfully Goes Live

SEEBURGER is now providing AS4 market communication for the SAP Market Communication for Utilities application as an integrated service. This expands SEEBURGER’s long-standing partnership with SAP by a further solution module. A joint service architecture ensures market partners benefit from seamless connection to the SAP system in accordance with the required market communication standards.

The introduction of the AS4 communication protocol addresses the increasing technical and process requirements to securely and efficiently exchange information and data in the German energy market. Market participants in the electricity sector have had to satisfy the technical requirements for the new AS4 transmission path since October 1, 2023. This transition phase ended on April 1, 2024, which means that all electricity market participants must have switched to AS4 by March 31, 2024. In the next phase, from April 1, 2025, the gas sector will be joining the electricity sector by also switching to mandatory AS4 communication.

The service enables cloud-based processing and management of all market communication and market processes. Centrally provided format adaptations make life easier for users while helping standardize market process mapping. This provides German energy suppliers with a fully comprehensive, cloud-based, rule-compliant and tried-and-tested market communication service.

SEEBURGER has been successfully supplying market communication solutions to a large number of energy market participants for many years. Working together with SAP, we now have a solution that integrates the existing SEEBURGER MaKo AS4 delivery service into the SAP Market Communication for Utilities application. This central service automatically incorporates the latest requirements for market communication from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). As well as implementing the regulatory requirements for AS4 communication, SEEBURGER also completely manages partners and certificates as well as procuring and activating the necessary AS4 certificates.

The result of this cooperation is a reduced IT workload and lower project costs during implementation and the subsequent operation. The efficient inbuilt onboarding functions let you quickly and easily integrate all the market communication partners you need.

“When designing this joint service, we focused on creating not only a secure, compliant and cost-efficient architecture, but above all, a consistent and uniform service and support concept for energy companies,” says Alexander Ulitzsch, Sales Manager Utilities at SEEBURGER.

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