BIS Mapping Designer: turbocharged via AI assistance!

We are happy and proud to inform you that SEEBURGER is globally launching BIS Mapping Designer with AI assistance (powered by OpenAI) April, 11th!

BIS Mapping Designer (aka BIS Mapper) is already a powerhouse, and with this AI assistance, it’s on a whole new level!

  • AI assisted BIS Mapper turbocharges users’ productivity by a up to 60%!
  • BIS latest update (available with Quarterly Release of BIS 6.7.154) allows users to leverage this powerful AI assistance through a seamlessly unified user interface directly within BIS Mapper.
  • We provided further information on our website SEEBURGER: The SEEBURGER BIS Platform Leverages the Power of Generative AI, you will find a video, a brochure and a cheat sheet booklet to jump-start using this new feature!

We use AI technology for the design time of integration assets as interface mappings only.

Our approach meets many internal policy requirements for AI technology usage as we use AI assistance for the design time only. The user will decide to accept the proposals or reject them.

In addition, check out OpenAI’s Enterprise Privacy for API (Enterprise privacy). Input via the API is not used for training purposes of the Large Language Model.

This approach results in:

  • Cost-effectiveness using AI technology
  • Fast and reliable execution of integration processes as we use our runtime engine, not the AI itself as runtime
  • Reliable and consistent results for each execution which an AI as runtime cannot assure
  • Our approach makes it easy to be aligned with internal policies of AI usage (governance and compliance)

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Next online trainings are April 23rd in English and April 30st in German.

Part of the content can be seen in @Markus.Doerner 's Meet-the-export webinar, which contained a preview of the feature. It meanwhile evolved into a full featured integration, shipped with the latest release.